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Simplify Health Care ETF

Shares for the Cure

The first exchange traded fund (ETF) committed to donating all net profits to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization*. Susan G. Komen is one of the leading organizations dedicated to fighting breast cancer worldwide.

PINK focuses on the healthcare and biotech sectors, combining the active stock selection, rigorous company and industry research, and due diligence processes of a hedge fund, with the daily liquidity, low cost, and tax efficiencies of an ETF.

PINK provides investors with competitive exposure to healthcare and biotech markets and is actively managed by a renowned hedge fund investor Michael Taylor, who brings over two decades of healthcare and biotech investment experience.

All of Simplify’s net profits earned from managing the Fund will be donated to Susan G. Komen*. Through this donation, Simplify will help create a significant contribution in the fight against breast cancer.

*With a guaranteed minimum of $100,000 annually.

About Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

About Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is a Portfolio Manager and Managing Director of CriticalMass Partners LLC (2011-2019), specializing in Healthcare Investing. For the past two decades, he managed hedged and factor neutral-portfolios with a gross amount over $1billion at funds including Millennium, Citadel and Diamondback Capital.

Michael is regarded to have built and run one of the best-performing Healthcare funds on Wall Street. He began his investment career at OppenheimerFunds as the Head of Healthcare. He has overseen the day to day operations, portfolio selection/trades and research staff.

Previous to Portfolio Management, Michael worked as a Scientist during the 1990's developing predominantly Viral-vector based Gene Therapeutic Drugs for the Bio/Pharma industry. Michael holds advanced degrees in Science and Business from the Johns Hopkins University and the William E. Simon School of Business.

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Quantifiable Impact

PINK stands apart as the first ETF to donate all net proceeds to charity, providing a novel approach to impact investing. It has emerged as the first-ever fund that provides investors with the ability to monitor their influence in a transparent and quantifiable manner, bridging the gap between returns and measurable impact.

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