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To pioneer institutional-grade alternative strategies inside ETFs, we have brought together the best minds from institutional trading, operations, research, risk management and portfolio management. To champion these strategies, we have also assembled a competent and experienced client solutions team that both understands our strategies and is incredibly passionate about educating clients on how these strategies work and how they can be used in portfolios.
Paul Kim, CFA
CEO & Cofounder
David Berns, PhD
CIO & Cofounder
Brian Kelleher
Chief Revenue Officer
Fiona Ho, CFA
Chief Operating Officer
John Ryu
Chief Financial Officer
Harley S. Bassman
Managing Partner
Michael Green, CFA
Portfolio Manager,
Chief Strategist
Peter van Amson, CFA
Head of Risk Management
Jeff Schwarte, CFA
Chief Equity Strategist
Jason England
Managing Director,
Portfolio Manager
Shailesh Gupta
Portfolio Manager,
Head of Trading
John Downing
Portfolio Manager
David Jackson
Portfolio Manager
Ken Miller, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Bobbi Ivanova, CFA, CAIA
Managing Director,
Investment Strategist
Larry Kim
Managing Director,
Portfolio Consultant
Eric McArdle
Managing Director,
Advisor Solutions

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