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At Simplify, we build innovative portfolio building blocks, designed to directly solve today’s most pressing portfolio challenges.

Our ETF lineup helps asset allocators re-imagine their core equity holdings with convexity, directly and efficiently hedge portfolios against rising interest rates, generate risk-managed income, gain exposure to alternatives, and much, much more.

A New Way to Diversify Stock/Bond Portfolios with QIS

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Asset Classes:
Asset Classes Left
Asset Classes Right
Ticker Title Asset Class Category Net Assets Inception Date
SVOL Simplify Volatility Premium ETF Alternative Volatility Income $1,024,490,192
MTBA Simplify MBS ETF 2 Fixed Income Mortgages $996,638,911
TUA Simplify Short Term Treasury Futures Strategy ETF 2 Fixed Income Treasuries $573,630,166
HIGH Simplify Enhanced Income ETF Alternative Cash-Plus $456,387,381
CTA Simplify Managed Futures Strategy ETF Alternative Managed Futures $250,661,831
AGGH Simplify Aggregate Bond ETF 1 Fixed Income Core Bond $216,605,066
HEQT Simplify Hedged Equity ETF Equity Hedged Equity $189,261,306
PINK Simplify Health Care ETF Equity US Health $177,140,989
CDX Simplify High Yield PLUS Credit Hedge ETF 1 Fixed Income High Yield $158,908,825
EQLS Simplify Market Neutral Equity Long/Short ETF Alternative Equity Long/Short $153,647,217
PFIX Simplify Interest Rate Hedge ETF Alternative Interest Rate Hedge $142,122,433
BUCK Simplify Stable Income ETF Fixed Income Cash-Plus $141,932,735
SPD Simplify US Equity PLUS Downside Convexity ETF Equity US Large Blend $117,269,406
QIS Simplify Multi-QIS Alternative ETF Alternative Cash-Plus $115,210,473
SURI Simplify Propel Opportunities ETF Equity Diversified Equity $104,955,416
SPYC Simplify US Equity PLUS Convexity ETF Equity US Large Blend $78,006,300
CRDT Simplify Opportunistic Income ETF 4 Alternative Credit $75,777,249
TYA Simplify Intermediate Term Treasury Futures Strategy ETF 2 Fixed Income Treasuries $48,385,599
SPBC Simplify US Equity PLUS GBTC ETF Equity US Large Blend + Bitcoin $23,820,985
MAXI Simplify Bitcoin Strategy PLUS Income ETF Alternative Bitcoin + Income $18,631,726
FIG Simplify Macro Strategy ETF 3 Alternative Multi-Asset $17,070,403
HARD Simplify Commodities Strategy No K-1 ETF Alternative Commodities $10,343,841
SPUC Simplify US Equity PLUS Upside Convexity ETF Equity US Large Blend $8,585,577
IOPP Simplify Tara India Opportunities ETF 5 Equity India $8,499,275
VCAR Simplify Volt RoboCar Disruption and Tech ETF Equity Concentrated Thematic $6,055,505
SPQ Simplify US Equity PLUS QIS ETF Equity Equity + QIS $3,086,910
NXTV Simplify NEXT Intangible Value Index ETF Equity US Large Value $2,675,436
NXTI Simplify NEXT Intangible Core Index ETF Equity US Large Blend $2,665,299

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