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Entering The Fall Thought Leadership Series 2021

The Simplify Entering The Fall Series event gathered a select group of financial and economic thought-leaders, innovators, and industry professionals to discuss the current investment outlook, product landscape, and regulatory backdrop.

October 14, 2021

Keynote on changing market structure and opportunity created by ETF & Derivative Rule.

Presented by Paul Kim  

Fireside chat with investment legend David Einhorn. 

Moderated by Mike Green  

Fireside chat with Reginald Browne & Eric Balchunas. 

Moderated by Mike Green    

Panel on Asset Allocation for Today’s Markets and Beyond with David Berns, Mychal Campos & Daniel McMurtrie. 

Moderated by Eric McArdle  

Panel on “Memes and The Golden Age of Frauds” with Carson Block, Lily Francus & Kyla Scanlon. 

Moderated by Mike Green  

Fireside chat on innovation with Josh Wolfe. 

Moderated by Mike Green     

Closing remarks by Paul Kim

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