Fistful of Dollars with Michael Green, Hugh Hendry, and Tom Roderick

Join Simplify's Chief Strategist, Michael Green, and guests Hugh Hendry and Tom Roderick, for a spirited discussion of interest rates, inflation, and the US dollar. They debate the role of the Fed in driving inflation and the risks that the 40-year bond bull market may be over.

April 04, 2022

Hugh Hendry
Hugh Hendry is a Scottish fund manager at Eclectica Asset Management. He has 18 years' industry experience with Baillie Gifford, CSAM and Odey Asset Management. At Odey he managed a range of funds from $1.0bn of long only European mandates, including the award winning Odey Continental European Fund, to the The Eclectica Fund.
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Tom Roderick
Thomas runs a discretionary macro portfolio for Trium with a global remit, including emerging markets. He executes his investment philosophy in a highly disciplined manner, operating a six stage process designed to identify and exploit sources of alpha in the most risk-efficient manner for the portfolio. Thomas holds an MSci Physics from Imperial College, London.
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