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Michael Green Joins Simplify Asset Management as Chief Strategist

Renowned expert on the intersection of economics, markets, regulation and politics joins the leadership team at one of the industry’s fastest growing and most innovative ETF providers

April 20, 2021

NEW YORK – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Simplify Asset Management (“Simplify”), an innovative provider of options-based Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”), today announced that Michael Green has joined the firm as Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist. 

Mr. Green was previously Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager with Logica Capital Advisers, LLC, and has also held senior portfolio management roles with Thiel Macro, LLC, Ice Farm Capital, LLC, Canyon Partners, LLC, and others. A prolific researcher and writer, Mr. Green has a large following on Twitter (where he tweets as @profplum99) and RealVision (where he shares his thoughts and industry contacts in his “Mike Green in Conversation” series). Mr. Green has presented his proprietary findings focused on the ongoing shift from active management to passive approaches to audiences that include the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the US. Department of State and dozens of other industry groups and associations. 

Green joins a Simplify leadership team that in just the past two months has also added Harley Bassman (“The Convexity Maven”) as Managing Partner, and Peter van Amson, a respected expert on portfolio control and performance attribution, as Head of Risk Management. 

“For investing to be truly democratized, it can’t just be institutional-quality strategies that are made more widely available, information has to be part of the equation as well,” said Paul Kim, CEO of Simplify. “With Michael joining Harley, my co-founder David Berns and I, and the rest of my colleagues here at Simplify, investors and advisors can now speak directly with a team that can not only help them access different investment approaches but which can also provide them with the answers to some of their toughest investing questions. We could not be more thrilled to welcome Michael and are incredibly excited about the conversations he is going to drive across the industry going forward.”  

Simplify entered the ETF space with the launch of its Equity PLUS Convexity suite in September of 2020, and has already surpassed the $250 million asset mark as advisors, family offices, institutions and the retail investor community have been drawn to the more scientific approach the firm has pioneered in combining equity index exposures with robust options overlays.  

“I’ve been very impressed with what Paul and this team have built in a short amount of time, and it became clear in conversations with Simplify just how philosophically aligned we all are,” said Mr. Green. “The ramifications of the shift from active to passive are very real and require a great deal more discussion and understanding among all market participants. They also point to some very clear opportunities for investors to embrace compelling new approaches that are designed to both mitigate and potentially profit from some of the new sources of volatility inherent in today’s shifting markets. It is important that these strategies be available to all investors, not just the ultra high net worth and institutions. We’re already in the midst of a massive amount of change, and I am very excited to be a part of the Simplify team as it embarks on the next phase of its growth mission.”

“The combination of our current platform, our people, and our product pipeline make this a tremendously exciting time for our firm,” added Kim. “Markets have perhaps never been more complex, and helping investors grasp all of the dynamics at play is something Michael and our team have been doing their entire careers. We look forward to continuing to help advisors and investors better understand the issues they’re facing, including some they may not even realize exist, and helping them tackle their most pressing challenges.” 


Simplify Asset Management Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser founded in 2020 to help advisors tackle the most pressing portfolio challenges with an innovative set of options-based strategies. By accounting for real-world investor needs and market behavior, along with the non-linear power of options, our strategies allow for the tailored portfolio outcomes for which clients are looking. For more information, visit

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