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Simplify Adds a Multi-Quantitative Investment Strategy Overlay to Core U.S. Equity Exposure with the Launch of the SPQ ETF

The Simplify US Equity PLUS QIS ETF is designed to provide 100% exposure to U.S. equities with 50% exposure to a diversified basket of quantitative investment strategies in the form of the QIS ETF

November 14, 2023

NEW YORK – Simplify Asset Management (“Simplify”), an innovative provider of Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”), is today celebrating the launch of its newest ETF, the Simplify US Equity PLUS QIS ETF (SPQ).  

SPQ is designed to seek long-term capital appreciation by overlaying a diversified basket of Quantitative Investment Strategies on top of core U.S. equity exposure. Specifically, 100% of SPQ’s assets will be invested in U.S. equities via low-cost equity ETFs and equity futures, while approximately 50% of SPQ’s assets will be invested in shares of the Simplify Multi-QIS Alternative ETF (QIS), a fund that provides exposure to an optimized collection of 10 to 20 best-in-class quant-driven strategies. 

QIS launched in July of 2023 and has already gathered well over $100 million in assets.   

“The goal of this 100% equity plus 50% QIS portfolio is to enhance both the absolute and risk-adjusted returns of a core equity investment,” said David Berns, PhD, Simplify’s Chief Investment Officer and Cofounder. “We’ve spoken with a number of investors and advisors who have been seeking a simple way to gain exposure to an alternative return source without reducing equity exposure, and that is exactly what we have designed with SPQ.” 

As with all of Simplify’s ETFs, SPQ includes no lockups or incentive fees, nor will it deliver a K-1 tax form. Additionally, the fund’s expense ratio of 100bps is inclusive of QIS’ fees, meaning there are no hidden fees passed along to investors. 

In addition to QIS, SPQ joins a lineup of alternative ETFs from Simplify that also includes the Simplify Volatility Premium ETF (SVOL), Simplify Interest Rate Hedge ETF (PFIX), and Simplify Market Neutral Equity Long/Short ETF (EQLS).

“Complex markets require access to sophisticated solutions, and we’re very pleased to be adding SPQ to our fast-growing family of alternative ETFs,” added Berns.  


Simplify Asset Management Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser founded in 2020 to help advisors tackle the most pressing portfolio challenges with an innovative set of options-based strategies. By accounting for real-world investor needs and market behavior, along with the non-linear power of options, our strategies allow for the tailored portfolio outcomes for which clients are looking. For more information, visit

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