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Simplify Passes The $2 Billion Assets Under Management Milestone

Innovative provider of alternative, options-powered, and income-focused strategies surpasses the $2 billion mark in less than three years as investors and advisors look for effective ways to add powerful new exposures to traditional equity and bond portfolios

July 12, 2023

NEW YORK – Simplify Asset Management (“Simplify”), an innovative provider of Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”), is today celebrating the fact that the firm’s family of ETFs has passed the $2 billion assets under management (AUM) threshold.

“We’re incredibly proud to be hitting this major milestone less than three years after the launch of our first ETFs. We are also humbled that so many advisors and investors have entrusted us to help manage their assets and meet some of today’s most pressing investment challenges,” said Brian Kelleher, Chief Revenue Officer with Simplify. “At the core of our mission has always been the drive to provide allocators and their clients with tools to build better portfolios. At the same time we’ve been building our fund lineup, we’ve also been assembling one of the most experienced teams in the business and we are just getting started in providing institutional quality investments to all investors.”
Among the many standout first-of-their-kind ETFs the Simplify team has brought to market is the Simplify Volatility Premium ETF (SVOL), which is a high income ETF that harvests options premiums via the Cboe Volatility Index (“the VIX”) while mitigating against extreme volatility. The Simplify Managed Futures Strategy ETF (CTA) has also -been popular with investors who are drawn to the fund’s use of a suite of systematic models that seeks to deliver absolute returns and serve as a powerful portfolio diversifier.

The firm has also been an innovator on the fixed income front with products like the Simplify Short Term Futures Strategy ETF (TUA). TUA, which has gathered more than $500 million in assets since it launched last November, provides levered exposure to the 2-year US Treasury to allow investors to easily make meaningful bets on the short end of the curve, which we believe is especially relevant with today's macro backdrop, or as a potential means of creating a more efficient intermediate duration exposure for portfolios.

Simplify has been keenly focused on bringing true alternative investments to the ETF market, as evidenced by the June launch of the Simplify Market Neutral Equity Long/Short ETF (EQLS), an absolute return strategy powered by a proprietary machine-learning stock selection model; and the July launch of the Simplify Multi-QIS Alternative ETF (QIS), a unique fund that invests across a diversified portfolio of third-party quantitative investment strategies.

“The ETF vehicle continues to be a fertile ground for innovation,” continued Kelleher. “As more investors look to diversify portfolios that have been dominated by equity and bond risk, the need for better access to alternative investments has never been clearer. Alternatives have historically been difficult and expensive to access for most investors, but we are making it possible for investors to gain these exposures efficiently.”  

“Today’s markets are different than those of the past, and investors need exposures powered by new thinking that will help them meet their investment goals,” he added. “Simplify will continue to evolve our product lineup with innovative, first of their kind ETFs that meet the most vital investor needs.”


Simplify Asset Management Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser founded in 2020 to help advisors tackle the most pressing portfolio challenges with an innovative set of options-based strategies. By accounting for real-world investor needs and market behavior, along with the non-linear power of options, our strategies allow for the tailored portfolio outcomes for which clients are looking. For more information, visit


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